Curry Night at The Elachi

Went out for a Curry Night on Friday, to The Elachi, which serves Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine.  Very yummy indeed!.  Went there for the Diving Club Curry Night last year, too.

DSCF0701Anti Social Behaviour

Arrived early, so went to the pub for a drink.  But the No Smoking law is not yet in force, so I decided to take my drink outside, where the air was (marginally) clearer.  Until this couple sat at the next table…

Walked the hundred yards down to the Elachi.  Lovely place – modern décor and very attentive staff.  Afrer all, there were suddenly 43 people asking for dinner at the same time – quite a feat for a restaurant, that!

First to arrive on the table were the obligatory poppadoms served with  Mango Chutney (sweet), Lime Pickle (sour and hot), Onion Relish and Minty Yoghurt dip.  Just to make sure you have enough calories in your evening, and give you something to nibble while ordering drinks and your main course. 

But I always have a starter.  So, Mysore Chilli Prawns.  Hot and tender.  with a sweet aftertaste.  Husband had Special Kebab – now, does that look like a kebab to you? 

Mysore Chilli PrawnsSpecial Kebab

Then I had Lamb Shank Goan Style. with Naan and Sag Aloo.  Now lamb shank requires a lot of cooking to become tender – this one could have been cut with a spoon.  Yes, I know, that is a picture of a bone.  I was hungry, and did not want to muck about taking a picture before I got stuck in!

Where's My Dinner?I Like Naan BreadLeft the Salad - Too Healthy!Sag Aloo - Spinach & PotatoesRemains of My Dinner

I was not the only one to clear my plate…

Empty Plates, Full TummyEmpty Plate, Full Tummy

I even dressed up.  Yes, I am in the Ladies Room.  Only place with a mirror!

I expect it will be the same venue, about this time of year, next year.  And I just might have that Lamb Shank dish again.

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