Things living with a Diver has shown Me

Sharp KnivesSharp Knife in HolderSharp Knife in Holder

Husband wears the big knife strapped to his thigh.  The smaller knife is tucked away (in a similar holder to the big knife) near his chin.  He also has a net cutter, which I haven’t yet got a picture of.  The knives click into the holders, so they do not fall out when underwater.  One of Husband’s greatest fears is of getting tangled up in rope / fishing line / net / seaweed and watching his air gradually run out.  It happens.  Hence the (very very sharp) knives we have in our understairs cupboard. 

Once he forgot to remove them after diving and went walking round Swanage in his dry suit with the knives still strapped to his body.  Good job he didn’t meet a pernickity policeman!

Torch in Bucket 1Torch in Bucket 2Torch in Bucket 3

Yes.  A torch underwater.  This is now Husband’s second torch.  He now has one that lights up the sky sea, and decided to discharge the battery of this one, now a spare, completely.  However, torches used by divers do get very hot if they are not in cold water.  Hence, a sink with a bucket full of water with a torch in.  I did think I was cracking up when I found it, unexpectedly, when I went to empty the dishwasher…

Underwater Pumpkin 1Underwater Pumpkin 2Underwater Pumpkin 3

Underwater Halloween Pictures!

Big Camera 1Big Camera 2Big Camera 3

This is an underwater camera with double flash.  Not an alien.  Honest.  Husband has a flash for his underwater camera, but this made it droop…

He has now given up underwater flash photography (and not just because of feelings of inadequacy!) because it takes too much concentration and his desire is to enjoy diving and for others to enjoy diving with hims as a partner.  But the FinePix 11 takes extremely good underwater photographs without bothering with a flash (see the Halloween pic) albeit a little green.



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One Response to Things living with a Diver has shown Me

  1. AgentGabs says:

    that stuff is SOO cool.But here's something funny, i don't know why, but i thought the word "Diver" in the subject title read "Driver" so i was trying to figure out why he needed all those knives ::Laughs::wow the roads in the UK must be worse than here ::laughs::its a good thing i kept reading, made much more sense afterwards:)

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