I’ve Got a Tardis!

I have a Tardis.

Not like this one, with Doctor Who pretending he is Christopher Eccleston, or anything like that.

But I have something which carries more stuff than you would believe possible.

I give you

My Granny Wagon. (drum roll)

I don't drive.  Buses are expensive and you still have to carry the damn stuff.  I used to have the other sort, that you drag behind you, till I realised you are still carrying the weight, just dragging it behind you.

So I found this.

This is my second one – the wheels fell off the last one, which was cheap and nasty.  This cost more but it feels stronger.

And in case you do not believe it is a Tardis, here is what I bought from my shopping trip and photo session on Saturday.

Haul 3Haul 2Haul 1

That is 20 cans of beer, 6 chicken legs, burgers and bacon from the butcher, two lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, various spices, a squash, ketchup, cheese, garlic, potatoes, 7 grapefruit (for Husband's juice every morning), and three loaves of delicious bread.  And probably stuff I can't see and I have forgotten about.

And people (sorry, my children) laugh at me.  My neighbour, who I was talking to one evening as he was coming back from the local shops with like 6 bags handing off his arms, told me if he got one of those he would consider he had given up.

It just makes so much sense to me.

Now, if only I could get a Tardis for my spice storage…

The Overflow CupboardSoy SauceMy Spice Shelf

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4 Responses to I’ve Got a Tardis!

  1. Doug says:

    Ingenious. How do they make it larger on the inside than out? But most important, does it make that nifty whooshing noise?

    • bookmole says:

      I have no idea how they make it bigger on the inside than the outside – it’s that Relative Dimensions thing.

      Funny, looking again at these pictures, I no longer have any of the stuff you can see. OK, obviously not the food. But I have a new granny wagon, a new stove and a whole new kitchen!

      I even have a new steamer. But I do still have (you can just see it in the corner of picture six, next to the steamer) the cook book stand.

  2. ryoko861 says:

    Walking is good for ya!

    I’d do it too, but the grocery stores are juuuuuust tad far. That’s the problem with living amongst the cornfields.

  3. bookmole says:

    Now see I am really curious as to how this old post – original posting date somewhen in 2007 – has now had two new comments. I was just checking any posts imported from Vox marked Private and this was one. I didn’t even alter the date!

    That is why I live in a city. Or the suburbs of a city. It’s a mile to my local shops, 2 miles to my nearest big supermarket. That one I do catch the bus for, but still take the trolley – I gotta get the stuff home somehow!

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