Songs I wish Had Been Around When I Was Young

Amy Studt - Misfit Pink - Don´t Let Me Get Me Saving Jane - Girl Next Door Video - India Arie Ms Dynamite - Put Him Out Shania Twain - That Don't Impress Me Much

A clutch of songs I wish had been around when I was a teen. Their message is better than Get Yourself A Man and Settle Down and Raise Kids – even though that's what I eventually did. 

Misfit – That was me.  Bullied and an outsider.
Don't Let Me Get Me – O yes.  I thought maybe being bullied was because I was wrong.  No, they were. 
Girl Next Door – I love this one.  We all knew someone like that when we were growing, someone perfect who didn't have to try and always had the best things fall into their lap.  Well, now I am older I realise that is just the way it is – when I was younger I just did not understand why life was so unfair!
Video – A point of view all girls should aspire to.  Let's try harder for our daughters' sakes.
Put Him Out – to the left, to the left, although not quite the same, this song has that spirit.  Don't take no shit, girls – you are worth more than that!
That Don't Impress Me – I have included this – can anyone tell me what Shania wants in a man, if not good looks, good hands or a brain?

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One Response to Songs I wish Had Been Around When I Was Young

  1. RedScylla says:

    I just wish I knew how to cut down on the bullying. Obviously, teachers can help by not putting up with it, but it seems like such an insidious part of childhood.

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