Friday 5 – Movie Edition

What is your favourite movie?

Hey Friday5, you are beginning to turn into QotD here, with this Favourite shit.  OK?  Please – saying something like Name A Movie You Could Watch Again And Again, or Tell Us About A Movie That Changed Your Life  gives much more scope!

So I am gonna Name a Movie I Could Watch Over and Over.  OK?

Recently I did that Four Things meme, and I put down Dogma as a film I could watch again and again.  I now officially withdraw that statement.  Two nights ago, I took Warlock up to bed to watch, but it is an Aussie disc, and the new DVD player in the bedroom is not multi-region.  OK, no Warlock, but hey, look – Resident Evil Apocalypse.  Mila Jovovich and blood and gore – gotta be good, yes?  No, said Husband, lets watch Dogma.  And I am hating it.
So I have to pick Castaway – I like it and Husband hates it.  So yah boo sucks to him.

Who is your favourite actor?

Not getting into the favourite thing again.

I like Donald Sutherland – long and lanky, moves like a dream, acts like an angel and makes my insides quiver.

I also like Brad Pitt in just about anything he takes his shirt off in.

And are we being sexist here, or does Actor stand for Person who Acts?  Cos I would have to say Jodi Foster floats my boat and has done since I saw her in Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane.  Amazingly assured actress from an early age, has a body of work superior to many and can still act the socks of most of her generation.

Have you ever made any type of movie?


When was the last time you went to the movie theatre?

Lords of the Rings III.  And damn fine it was too.  Loved the movies – was so so pleased they deffed out Tom Bombadil.  Got me the Director’s Cut box set now – that makes even more Lord of the Rings to watch.  Yay!  Yes I am a nerd.

Show us a movie clip.

Not a movie clip, as such – but Armageddon is still one of my watch whenever it’s on, and when I hear this, it makes me want to watch it again.


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One Response to Friday 5 – Movie Edition

  1. After looking at people's answers today, it is apparent that no one likes the "favorite" questions.I love your clip, but mainly because I'm a big Aerosmith fan. I can't watch Armageddon much because I'm a daddy's girl, and the end is too depressing to me for that reason. It is a good movie though.

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