Snow Day.

Anyone for a BBQ?Before Much Traffic Had PassedBuilding a Fort 2Building a FortFirst Thing - Through the Bedroom WindowWindowNext Door Neighbours' Back GardenOur TreesOut My Front DoorSnow SceneSnow TreeSnowy BarrierSnowy Bird FeederSnowy ViewThe Daffodils are Just Starting to GrowThrough the Kitchen WindowThrough the Living Room WindowWallking Home AgainWhere our Neighbours' Car was Parked

These are my pictures from Snow Day.  Yes, I know that was Thursday, but I have been sick, I tell you, sick.  (see last post if you are in my neighbourhood – if not, you will just have to imagine me sick lol!).

Loved some of these – came out really well, and I shall remember them.  The only one to note is my neighbour's children building a fort.  Cos my next project 365 post shows just how much of that was left after two days of thaw, plus rain.  Those kids got the most from their snow!

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