Birds and Photoshop

Birds feb 2006 001Birds feb 2006 003Birds feb 2006 004Birds feb 2006 002

Birds feb 2006 005Birds feb 2006 007Birds feb 2006 006

These were shot through my glass back door.  I was sitting, moving the washing from the washing machine to the dryer, when I noticed the birds on the empty trees.  I though they looked pretty, so grabbed the camera.

Now ain't Photoshop a wonderful thing!  I admit to all images, bar one, being photoshopped.  One is totally as shot (apart from using auto levels cos they were shot through glass, and looked quite dingy). 

But I like them all. Different filters, adjusting the colour and hue saturation – I don't usually play with Phototshop, just crop and brighten, but I like how these turned out.

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4 Responses to Birds and Photoshop

  1. MONIKA! says:

    Wow, incredible!

  2. you done justice to your shot:)

  3. Alexandria says:

    These pictures are gorgeous. You did an awesome job with the original and with all the photoshopping. I love checking out the pictures you take.

  4. those pics are really cool

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