Keep Discovering – for CupCate

When I read (for the second time!) CupCate’s description of seeing snow, I thought of this.

It has just taken me 10 minutes to track down.

I loved it the first time I saw it, I love it still.  Some commercials just hit the right spot – this one does for me.

Hope you enjoy it.


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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

2 Responses to Keep Discovering – for CupCate

  1. CupCate says:

    THANK YOU FOR THIS :)You made my afternoon….That is awesome.

  2. Bookmole says:

    Lovely, isn't it? Simple yet effective. If only all advertisers would take a leaf from their book. And it was a pleasure to share it with you.Ain't Vox just the best!

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