Snow, Lovely White Snow

Snow on The Carry WagonSnow - Did It Never Stop?Snowy TreeFuzzy Snow, Sharp Snow

Sharp Snow, Fuzzy SnowPretty, Pretty SnowSnow, Snow, More SnowSnow from Our Back Door

Snow on The HedgeSnow on a Neighbour's ShrubSnow From Our Front DoorSnow on Our Hedge

Guess what – it snowed today!  All pictures taken in front or back garden at 8.30 am
Good job I did it then, cos an hour later, it was mostly gone
and two hours later it was totally gone.
Bloody cold today!

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5 Responses to Snow, Lovely White Snow

  1. Alexandria says:

    Beautiful pictures!
    I wish our snow would go away.

  2. RPM says:

    LOVELY. Thanks for sharing Bookmole. Pretty to view…but I don't even wanna know how cold it was…

  3. Sandy says:

    It snowed here today, too. Loads of those big, fluffy snowflakes that you can catch on your eyelashes and taste if you stand open-mouthed toward the sky.
    And then, there's the cold. Eeek.

  4. Deborah says:

    these shots are wonderful!

  5. Lisa Devaney says:

    Looks like you got about an inch more than London did this week.

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