Friday 5 – Foodie

What Is Your Favourite Food?
Give over – one food?  How can I pick between a Roast Lamb with rosemary roast potatoes, green veg, gravy and mint sauce, a nice Thai dinner, fresh veggie soup, a crisp salad with grilled fish, a hunk of cow seared and still bloody…  I like food too much to pick one item.

What Is Your Favourite Drink?
Water.  Wait – Stella.  Wait – The Single Malt drink.  Wait – tea, milk, one sugar.  Wait – arrrggghhh!  Again with the Favourite thing.  I am beginning to see why Spike hates it so much.  

Do You Prefer To Cook Or Order Out?
Order out.  Not take away and eat at home – a decent restaurant with good service. La Giraldo's in Pinner (divine Spanish food), the Taste of China, the Sala Thai in Ealing, Monty's… but I would rather cook something at home that go for a Big Mac, or other fast food.  

Dessert, Or No Dessert.
Cheese and biscuits and a liquor, please.  Thanks. 

Show Us A Dish.

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One Response to Friday 5 – Foodie

  1. Holly says:

    We could be dangerous in a good restaurant. Dangerous, I tell you. Nice to see that you are not one of the "salad people" (as in "Just a small side salad for me, thanks, and hold all the good stuff"). I'm on a diet, but I love food too much ever to go for that kind of ridiculous (or "ridonkulous" as my kids would say) behavior. Roast lamb…oh, yeah. I don't know too many people outside my immediate family who even like lamb, let alone rank it high among their favorites, but to me, it's the dark chocolate of meats.

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