The Gaping Venus?

A friend mailed me yesterday, with a story about her children.  She had been reading a book called “How I Began” to her son at bedtime.  He had obviously taken it to heart, and in the car in the morning, was telling his sister all about it.

Yes, Sister.  You have got a Venus.

After I had stopped laughing at the cuteness of youth, I began to think.

Maybe we should start a movement.  Venus is a powerful word.  Venus was the Goddess of Love – what better name for my intimate body parts?  Way, way better than the official name, which is taken from the Latin for Sheath.*  I would rather have my intimate body parts named after the Goddess of Love than after something used to cover a sword.

Give me a name that empowers me!  Give me a name that makes me proud to have a vagina, to be female, to be a woman, goddammit!

Due to the extremely stormy weather, last night was spent at home, even though it was Thursday Girls Night, so BF came up for a drink.  I was expounding my theory to her, wandering via how there is no female equivalent to phallic and why do men think the erect penis is such a wonderful thing anyway…

I had forgotten Youngest was in the kitchen, making toast.

“God”, he said.  “Gonna make sure I keep all my girlfriends away from you.  Don’t want no empowered girlfriends.  No way!”

Mmmmm.  Needs a good talking to, that boy.


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12 Responses to The Gaping Venus?

  1. Spike says:

    …wondering how there is no
    female equivalent to phallic… Yonic?

  2. Cri de Coeur says:

    Awww…gotta love the things that comes from kids mouths. But…you know…I'm in agreement, I'd much rather have it called Venus. Perhaps a movement is in order. ;)Your youngest's comment was hilarious…one day, he'll discover that empowered women really are wonderful creatures. ;)Happy Friday. 🙂

  3. LeendaDLL says:

    Glad to see you cross-posted it to the group!
    I have a running joke about calling my "Venus" Jocelyn – but will otherwise go with Venus from now on! Seriously.

  4. Jenn F. says:

    that's fabulous!

  5. Venus says:

    I like the ring of Venus' Venus … 😉

  6. Paxton says:

    why do men think the erect penis is such a wonderful thing anyway…
    Because it usually means an orgasm is not far behind. We're really not that complicated.

  7. Bookmole says:

    Should have realised. Sorry!But you have to take into account it was 2 slightly drunk 50+ old females having a bit of a bitch chat.

  8. Paxton says:

    No problem. Just thought I'd help out. :->
    Come to think of it, that's probably the part of the conversation that set your son off. To you and your friends, you're an empowered woman (and I'm sure you are!), but no one wants to hear their mom talk that way. 😛

  9. RedScylla says:

    Weird–I was just talking about kiddy names for genitals on someone else's blog. Venus is the best I've heard by far. It definitely improves on vagina.Okay, everybody in favor, say, "Venus."

  10. Bookmole says:

    Hand in air – Venus!

  11. Venus says:

    *looks around* …yes?*quietly contemplating moniker adjustment to avoid confusion… *

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