QotD: Forward My Mail

In which fictional world/universe/land/city would you most like to live?

I am struggling with this one. I would quite like to go and share with Lorelei in a Sex in the City high living loft.  But I feel too fat and English for that, really.  Not sure the Big Apple is for someone who really prefers different fruit!

There’s a lot of people out there want to live with Harry Potter at Hogwarts.  Mmm.  That’s just odd – well, unless you are 17, in which case it’s fine – but to want to return to being 17… I cannot think of anything more hellish than revisiting adolescence!

Travelling with Dr Who caught my fancy for a moment or two, then I remembered – yes, the assistants always survive, but they always end up living back on Earth, unable to explain to people how they have touched the sky and ridden the wind.

Narnia, an old childhood favourite?  Well, there’s the thing.  Childhood.  Now I want running water, electricity and access to the internet on a fairly regular basis.

Got it.  John Varley’s world.  If you haven’t read any of his Eight World novels, do.

Earth has been cleansed by monster aliens who live in the gas giants, but hell, it deserved it, and we are now living among the stars, a long-held dream of mine.  Humans can be either gender, at will; murder is not permanent; everyone has a high standard of living; and, if you are not a hero or protagonist, you will have a long and easy life, full of satisfaction and adventure.

No one is fat, old, poor (unless they want to be): a meritocratic utopian vision where things happen.  Damn me.

See you there


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