Project 365 – Day 1

Middle Son: he was starring in a music video for his media studies course.  He had to pretend to shoot someone.  A lot of strangers took his photo too, while they were shooting it.  The orange jump suit is funny, as this was the colour suggested for Clothes to Humiliate Offenders – a bit like the Pink Camps, but Orange.  Trouble is, makes them look like EasyLouts. 

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5 Responses to Project 365 – Day 1

  1. RedScylla says:

    And it follows on my intuition that clowns aren't to be trusted.

  2. jodipodi says:

    lol I don't like clowns!! He looks great though! Glad you are taking part too 🙂

  3. crankypants says:

    so you can start project 365 in the middle of January? Damn! I would have started when I got my new camera the first week of January! 😛

  4. Bookmole says:

    I hope so! I think you just have to take a photo a day for a year. Well, even if I am breaking the rules (wild child that I am!) I don't care. I think it is a brill idea and I am gonna do my hardest to keep it up! Typically, got yesterday's pic, and had real computer problems, which meant I couldn't post it until today.Sometimes I hate computers, sometimes I love em…

  5. reesie says:

    @Bookmole and crankypants: Yes you can start Project365 anytime! After all, it's not Project365StartingOnlyOnJanuary1st. It's simply a year's worth of photos, no matter what date you start on. No I mean, uh, Bookmole is just a rebel! Yeah! Rebel!!

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