A Show of Hands

Redzilla asked us to Show Our Hands.  So here goes.

Hand 1Hand 2Hand 3

My hands are large.  Large – they are 8" round my knuckles, span the same, and are 7.5" long.  They are sturdy, and not too bad really.  They have done a lot during their lifetime – held children, caressed lovers, stroked pets…

But I don't much like them.  They are, meh, OK, nothing special.  I hate the way they are so full of veins. And now I am fat – you should have seen these when I was half the size I am now.  They stood out like ropes. 

My children have inherited these hands.  It does not help that Husband and I have very similar hands – large, square, full of veins.  Our joke – we are from Venus – does not go down too well with Daughter!

What do my hands say about me – I am not sure.  But the picture, given Redzilla asked for a picture of A Hand, shows that I am inclined to do too much.

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One Response to A Show of Hands

  1. RedScylla says:

    I note, however, that you chose to "pose" for your hand portrait with a fist…hmmm…You have good, sturdy practical hands. They remind me of my mother's, and therefore, eventually, my own.

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