Messy? I’ll Show You Messy!

Inspired by a number of the Show Us Your Bookcase posts, where the owner of a tidy bookshelf goes And this will do for Show Us A Mess as well!

So these are my bookcases.  I used to have another one the size of the one in the hallway, but decided to prune my books drastically.  Mostly because I realised I was never going to re-read the vast majority of them and having a book just to own it is not reading, it's collecting and I don't do that!

Then I thought I would wander around the house, taking pictures of the real mess that surrounds me.

Self-explanatory.  That bottle has been there since before Christmas. I keep meaning to take it down, but in the morning I am not together enough to remember and at nght – well, it is just an empty bottle, right?

And I suppose I should put my prescription pills in the drawer,  and just generally clean up. 

Then I wandered to my children's rooms.  Oh boy, what a sight.  Here for your viewing pleasure, are three desks.

Now I am starting to wonder – should I tidy these desks for them, to make it easier for them to work.  No, wait – I did that once.  I sorted all their paper out, threw away junk, cleaned the desks, sorted out all those little shelves, generally smartened things up. How long do you think it lasted?  24 hours.  By the next day, it was back to this.  And I refuse to do that every single day of my life, thank you very much.

And lest you think Youngest is neat and tidy, going by his desk, here is his floor.

And yes, he chose those red and black shoes!

Now, lest you think I am victimising my children, that they are complete and utter slobs, which to be honest, they are, I thought it only fair to photograph a few of the areas I am in control of.  I give you my table.

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11 Responses to Messy? I’ll Show You Messy!

  1. Cat says:

    Wow…Now I see why you are called Bookmole!
    I have always believed that it was the most talented, and artistic of people who could work best in organized chaos!

  2. OH, girl! I hear you calling me out. :-)Pictures of my "sewing" room to follow!

  3. Crom74 says:

    Thank you, I feel better about my apartment. It's messy, but I submit to your mess.

  4. Jenn F. says:

    Looking at the desks I was indeed thinking, hey, youngest son is doing all right… but considering the state of my place….

  5. LeendaDLL says:

    I live alone but believe I could give your family a run for the money. Thanks for making me feel less alone in my disaster-area lifestyle.

  6. Irma says:

    I often feel bad about myself but I'm afraid these pictures made my day, as, compared to your environment, my place looks like a freakin' showroom. — A fellow packrat (or hoarder)

  7. You win! Your mess is the best! Or is that the worst?

  8. RedScylla says:

    I don't say this to be snarky, but thank you. I've been feeling freaked out, because during the remodeling I feel like my house is a disaster zone instead of a home. This has helped me feel better, because my house isn't as disastrous as I thought it was {snark:oP. At least I just have one male to put up with.

  9. very amusing viewing the thumbnails from the main blog, looks like youngest son has a lot of tidying to do lol.

  10. (in my best Scarlet O'Hare)… "Tara! Home!"…

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