QotD: Give Me A Ring

How can you have a favourite ring tone?  My mind is beggared.

Although my phone is not beggared.  Being a Razr, I can allocate different ring tones for different people, so I know who is calling before I even answer the phone.  Very cool, that, and one of the reasons for my getting a Razr in the first place.  That and I like clamshells.

So when Husband rings, my phone plays As The Rush Comes, by Motorcycle, it being his favourite tunes.

BF & Kay get Insomnia by the one and only Faithless.


BF & Kay get Insomnia by the one and only Faithless.

When the children ring me, either from our two land lines, or from their mobiles, I get Drifting Away, also by the one and only Faithless. 

So how do think I felt last year, when my phone rang.  Drifting Away – ah, that’s one of the kids.  Yes (looking at phone) house phone.  Takes call.


Hello.  This is Police Sergeant alkjfsf here.  No need to worry.

WTF.  A policeman, in my own home, phoning me on my own phone and telling me not to worry!  (which is why his name will always be alkjfsf – after the words Police Sergeant my brain froze for a second, and refused to process any more information!)

It’s OK, says Mr Police Sargeant alkjfsf – it’s just I have your son here, and he is really, really drunk, and your other sons are not 18, so we can’t leave them in charge.

We had to negotiate, over the phone – yes, Daughter is 18.  She will be home in 20 minutes.  Can you leave him with them for 20 minutes.  Because it will take us that long to get to you anyway.  We were in Watford, going out for Tina’s birthday.

So eventually Mr Police Sargeant alkjfsf left.  And when Daughter got home, Youngest was passed out on the living room floor, and his loving brothers were taking really good care of him.  Eldest had gone out and Middle was upstairs playing on the PS2.  Such caring, loving teenagers.

And yes, this is the same Youngest who had to be taken to hospital by ambulance as he was so drunk he was a danger to himself and others.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I want nappies and broken sleep and crying babies back again.


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3 Responses to QotD: Give Me A Ring

  1. Red Pen says:

    I can relate. Babies certainly do get into less trouble! At least until they can reach the liquor cabinet. 😉

  2. Miranda says:

    okay… your story about the youngest just sent chills of fear up my spine. Where is the pause button on these kids because I am definitely not letting mine become teenagers! They'll send me into my grave for sure!!

  3. Karyn says:

    I don't have any children and I can see what I am missing. That's not really funny, hopefully the drinking will subside after afew years….I think it's just something that kids do. I know I did, but I curbed it along time ago and it's always been a once a weekend thing. Have a good day!!

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