Vox Hunt: Cover Me

Written by Lou Les Reed and Barry Mason
Hit for Tom Jones in 1968
Covered by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band
Perrformed on The Old Gray Whistle Test, 1975



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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

3 Responses to Vox Hunt: Cover Me

  1. AHWWW…. Hell, Yeah! Consider my day brightened and your good deed done. 🙂

  2. Spike says:

    I just realised I've been missing highlights of TOGWT on BBC3. Still, given how often they repeat things…And get a load of Whisperin' Bob at the end there. Mm. Nice.

  3. Bookmole says:

    I put them on Sky Plus – they recorded 1-4 of 5 programmes, and then the series link just up and walks away. So I have no idea when they will be playing part 5. I think it's to keep you on your toes and buying The Radio Times. I am wondering if it is still the best selling mag in the UK these days. Um. Have to check that.

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