Happy Birthday Daughter!!!

20 today.  Wow.  An Adult.  And a Responsible Adult too – she must have got that from her Father!

This time 20 years ago, she was 2 hours old.  Born at 9.19am, as I watched the sun rise over London.  A delightful, adorable little girl child, weighing in at 7lb1oz, long and so content.  Loved her from the moment I saw her.  As did her Daddy.

And now she is 20.  Defining herself, now; choosing her own lifestyle and her own habits.

Good on you, Daughter!  Happy Birthday!! Have many many more and may they all be fun!!!

Love you Lots and Lots!



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One Response to Happy Birthday Daughter!!!

  1. This is so to not only tell her Happy Birthday her but you also let the world know how much she means to you. :-)She is blessed to have loving parents like you and your hubby. Parents are not perfect and children know this. What they respect most is our honesty, our love, our discipline(they may not like it in the immediate but in the long run they will love you for it) our vulnerability. Many blessing for your daughter, her siblings, you and your husband. Glad to have met you and have a Blessed, Happy and Fun Friday, Weekend, New Year's Day.

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