My Lo-Vox Experience

The LoVox meet up went well.  Got there, didn’t embarrass myself by becoming stupefied (thank you, lord!) and I met some lovely people.  Most of whom I cannot put a name to, now – I can see their faces, I can hear their voices, but their names have gone into that big lost name cupboard in the sky.

CupCate is to be commended on finding a pub with friendly bar staff.  Could have helped that we were not the vomiting and noisy Office Party occupying front of house.

There was food, and it was good.

There was company, and it was good too.  There were pictures taken, and they, unfortunately, were (mostly) not good.  Sorry bout that.

All things considered, a good night.

so, given I did not get plastered, why did it take me over 2 hours to get home?

My alcohol intake was not huge.  I had a half pint of some lager drink when I arrived.  Then I had a small white wine. Then I had two large white wines.

Then, having waved goodbye to the diehard Voxers, I wended my way upstairs.

This could have been where I made my mistake.  I thought It looks a bit chilly out there.  Think I’ll have a Jacks before I go.  So I wandered over to the bar and ordered my Jack Daniels, no ice, no coke, just Jack Daniels please.  Which I received.  Then the Nice Man Behind The Bar offered me a Free Pint of Lager Drink.  Someone had bought it, paid for it and left it behind.  So, not being one to turn down some free Lager Drink, I consumed it.  And some peanuts.

Then, out the door, into that cold, cold night.

Made Blackfriars fine.  Got the train to Earls Court fine.  Got the right train to Harrow on The Hill fine.

Fell abloodysleep.  Dozed off somewhere, listening to some chillout jazz on the iPod.  Woke up in Amersham, a benighted place.  It’s the end of the tube line, it is benighted.  Specially at Midnight.  Last train time coming up fast.  Please, please, please have another train running home.  .

Luck was in.  Train back to Harrow.  Fast, non-stopping at my just-up-the-road tube.  So fall onto a bus.  Home by just before 1.


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3 Responses to My Lo-Vox Experience

  1. Wow! This is really cool. Thanks so much for sharing. It's great to see.

  2. CupCate says:

    For fuck sake..Well, if anyone was wondering "Does she really drink that much" I guess we've cleared up the questions with a couple of all telling photographs, lol.
    Great pictures!!! Thanks for posting this 🙂
    I'm glad you got home safe, after the whole "sleep" incident!
    Was so lovely to meet you…

  3. LeendaDLL says:

    Was anyone actually wondering?!? I thought we all took it for granted. It's part of your charm (and the reason many of us can identify with you)!! LOL.

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