Vox Hunt: Victory!

Now Toby can catch all the mice he wants, so sod you humans who put him on a diet.

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6 Responses to Vox Hunt: Victory!

  1. Waterbaby says:

    I dunno, this sounds kinda weird but the slimmed-down Toby doesn't look like himself. Sure, he's at his fighting weight but he somehow doesn't look his true self or happy when chunky. And yes, I feel some animals are actually happier and their truer selves overweight. I know at least one cat like that – Rosa, bless her soul. Had she been forced to lose her excess weight, she would've turned into another unhappier cat.

  2. Bookmole says:

    I thought so too. Which I why I strongly think he with either catch loads of mice, now that he can get through the fence and shit, or find a second home (like a holiday home, rather than a move) and do the I am a starving cat routine till he is all fat and cuddly again.

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Bookmole – I'm so so pleased someone else — well, you! — sees the truth about Toby. Toby's smart. And I can totally see him settin' up a feeding camp elsewhere. I see the mouse-capturing also but as a second choice. He for some reasons equates being gifted with food by humans as being cared for. For all the bravado and fighting weight that his owners have forced him into, he actually has an insecurity, a void, that only humans can fill with food. (His owners don't recognize this but it's actually quite sweet. I hope Toby finds his feeding camp and soon.

  4. Laurel says:

    Aww, fat Toby! I have a 9lb and an 18lb cat who eat exactly the same thing (the small one is actually way more food focused). The vet said Roux could stand to lose a pound or 2, but I'm leaving him fat and happy rather than stress us all out by monitoring and limiting food amounts.

  5. shessi says:

    lol, gotta love that coat…love the shine of it. Hmmm, yes, cats are smart, he'll find food elsewhere. I agree with Waterbaby 🙂

  6. Waterbaby says:

    Not all cats are smart. Toby is.

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