Vox Hunt: Dear To Me

Show us something you hold dear.
Submitted by Cindercone.

Here are two of the somethings (well, someones, really) that I hold dear.  All my photos are in Limbo right now, but found these in a drawer.  See, there are benefits to having a tidy!

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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

2 Responses to Vox Hunt: Dear To Me

  1. Saima Says says:

    They look like twins!

  2. Bookmole says:

    That's cos they are. Now 18, nearly 19 – and much less alike to us, but still quite alike to strangers. They have a love / hate relationship. But if I had put a picture of Youngest here, at age 5, you would think Triplets!

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