I Feel Loved

Husband just popped in, to drop off or pick up a laptop.  Went for my Doorstep Kiss, as I always do (if he stands on the step and I stand in the porch, we are the exact same height – just perfect for a kiss).

Noticed the binmen have been and the bins are in the street.  So I nip outside to put them back in the garden, whilst Husband gets back in the car, and drives off.

Wave, wave, blow kisses. (yes, we are, on occasion, very soppy indeed)

Go indoors.

Then the phone rings.

Is Husband, checking (before he drove too far away) that the door hadn’t slammed shut and left me locked outside, no key and no phone, in the cold.  If I hadn’t answered, he was gonna turn round and let me in.  (And take the piss, too – but hey, would I have cared!  No freaking way)

Ahh.  Who loves me, baby?  He does, he does!

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5 Responses to I Feel Loved

  1. [atropos] says:

    That is by far the sweetest story I've read on vox yet. Subtle but real.

  2. Bookmole says:

    It's the little things that matter, and that have kept us together for 22 years. Gotta love that man.

  3. BrenBart says:

    Ah, I'm jealous. That is the sort of thing my wife would love from me but instead I think of it two hours later…

  4. RedScylla says:

    Awwww. Best feeling ever.

  5. Boston Margy says:

    Oh, hey, who loves ya, girl!?

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