Gig List 3 – Dylan at Blackbushe Airport

The Picnic at Blackbushe Airport to see Dylan.  And Joan Armatrading.  That’s who I remember, though Clapton was there, plus others.

It was an all-afternoon gig.  I remember being given a paper with details of Dylan’s gig on – before he played.  And it was the first time I had seen people burning things for the lights (mostly their fingers with Zippos, but those newspapers must be a rarity now!).

I went with one group of people but lost them, fell in with another group (who had smoke) and went back to London with them.  The carelessness of youth.  Surprising, my boyfriend dumped me for this.

Thanks to keeping a scrapbook or two for many years, here is my ticket.  I paid in advance, so it cose me £6.00.  To see Dylan and Clapton and a newly starting out Joan Armatrading.

Not the paper I bought at the show – told you, rarer than hens teeth, those – but the Monday issue. Couldn’t scan it, too wide.


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3 Responses to Gig List 3 – Dylan at Blackbushe Airport

  1. AgentGabs says:

    that is SOOO freakin' coolyou're one lucky…well you're lucky as whoa.and smart to keep those in a scrapbook!

  2. jodipodi says:

    haha this was 2 days before my second birthday!!!
    I love Joan Armatrading, we went on holiday about three years ago and stayed in a music producers villa in France, he had discs up on his walls and we being the nosy group we were found loads of demos of Joan Armatrading and other artists (can't think now!), and we also found out his son produced Kings Of Leon and we found a studio cd copy before if had been worked on… was soo cool! I'd never heard of him before but was still in awe! lol

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