The Farthest Place

I sell stuff on eBay.  Today I posted a parcel the furtherest I have ever sent a parcel.  I have sent stuff to Columbia and Costa Rica, to Japan and Beijing (that actually came back and I had to repost it with more Customs Stuff on).

But today I sent a parcel to Jupiter.

Yes.  Jupiter.  Big gas giant, out there helping deflect comets and meteors away from Earth.  Got a Big Red Spot (maybe it’s adolescent).  Nearest neighbour – Saturn.

OK.  Jupiter, Florida.

But it still felt good, addressing that parcel.  Damn good.

And I know furtherest isn’t a word.  But it should be.


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2 Responses to The Farthest Place

  1. Sara says:

    There is a little neighborhood in my hometown where all the streets have the names of planets and stars. It makes me smile whenever I drive through.

  2. Bookmole says:

    America has such wonderful place names. Really. Out of all the places I post to, America has the best, and good old UK has the next best. One of the perks of selling on eBay.

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