Scary Mary Poppins


This recut of the Disney classic ‘Mary Poppins’ was made by myself (Chris Rule), with assistance by Nick Eckert. This is TOP-QUALITY for YouTube and TAG-FREE. 

This contains the musical piece “A Violent Attack” composed by Caine Davidson for the film ‘An American Haunting,’ “Stay Awake” written by Richard and Robert Sherman for Disney’s ‘Mary Poppins,’ and stock sounds from iMovie. Clips filmed with a Penasonic MiniDV camera and edited on iMovie


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4 Responses to Scary Mary Poppins

  1. CupCate says:

    Holy shit. That is fabulous…

  2. It is a bit irritating isn't it. It was only an experiment to find what size animated GIF would work, but if there's to be a competition it might have to stay! Thanks for the 'favorite' on the beer post.

  3. bamiller3 says:

    That has to be the best re-edit that I have seen. To be honest, these sort of things were cool when they first started to surface but have gotten a little stale. This one, however, is really good.

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