Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon – a review

Remnant Population
Elizabeth Moon

Have just finished this and I enjoyed it so much.

Ofelia had obeyed people all her life – until they told her to leave the planet she had spent the last 40 years on.  She hid from the Evacuation Teams, and spends time alone, in her garden, at peace.

Until another colony team arrives.  Landing at a different area, miles away, they are wiped out completely by aliens no one has seen.

Then they come looking for Ofelia…

One of the best First Contact novels I have come across in a long time: First Contact between aliens and humans, but First Contact between Youth and Age as well.

Worth a read – get it out of the library, buy it from Goodwill, steal it borrow it from a friend – whatever, just read it.

This is the first of her books I have read – going to the Library this afternoon to see if they have any more.

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3 Responses to Remnant Population by Elizabeth Moon – a review

  1. Crystal says:

    I read her Deed of Paksenarrion series ages and ages ago and remember it being quite good. I'll add this one to my long list of want to read. 🙂 Too many books, so little time!

  2. Bookmole says:

    So now I know what to ask the Librarian for – recommendations are always a good thing.

  3. Red Pen says:

    Sounds good. I think I'll take a copy along when I go on holiday in a couple of weeks.

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