Vox Hunt: Am I Blue?

Show us something blue.

Here is the gorgous sky we have here over London today:

And here are the rubber gloves I will wear, later, when I get round to doing the washing up

And here is a Pegasus I painted, years ago, for playing D&D.  Now sold, as we don’t play anymore.  But we do get our dose of Role Play from Talisman, so that’s something!


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2 Responses to Vox Hunt: Am I Blue?

  1. CupCate says:

    The sky was so beautiful today huh? But freeeeeezing! The wind was very cold, but worth having no cloud cover and bright skies….
    And yes, I just left a comment about the weather….

  2. Bookmole says:

    See. You're acclimatising. It was gorgeous out today, though cold. I pity Husband, out there in Scuba DIving land – he's diving in a converted quarry – steep sides = no sun. And he had to get up at 4.30 am to do it too. Mad. He is mad.

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