You WILL Address Me Properly Pt 2

Well, blow me.  (you can, if you want, but I was really being metaphotical – metaphorical, damn it, metaphorical – it was the obviously the thought of being blown!).

I am a Trekkie God!  So, what Science Fiction Character are you?

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?



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5 Responses to You WILL Address Me Properly Pt 2

  1. RedScylla says:

    Weird. I took the quiz and it turns out I'm Picard, too…

  2. I'm Marcus Cole from Babylon 5.I wonder how many people say that they would kill their best friend to become immortal. Hopefully not my best friend.

  3. crixpy says:

    Gasp! I bow to you. Picard IS God, and logic dictates that I bow to you as well. 🙂

  4. RedScylla says:

    Well, I gotta confess, on the "kill your best friend in exchange for immortality," I did have to go through the logical progression of, "Would it still work if I waited until she was old and dying, practically begging me to end her suffering?" Then I figured it was still too risky. I need her, even if she's old and dying.

  5. Bookmole says:

    Trouble is, if you waited until she was old and dying and begging for death, you would be old and immortal. Not quite what I would want, were I to be made immortal. I would want to be immortally 25, maybe even 30. But not 75.

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