We Are The Champions

Friday night = Quiz Night for the Scuba Club. 

Venue – Local pub

Turnout – not too bad

I have gone with Husband and BF.  BF is Designated Driver so Husband can have a drink (I don't drive – one day I will blog why, but not today).  We expected to be in a team with a couple of others but this quiz is different. 

Rather than having rounds of ten questions, answered, handed in, totalled up and most points winning that has been the format of every other quiz night I have been on, this consisted of 25 questions in a bingo-style layout.  Answers given randomly, winners first with a complete line.

So, BF & I pair off, Husband goes with Bouncing Boy. 

And we are off.  Some of them BF knows, some of them I know, some of them we just guess.

Nail-biting stuff.  We were one question – one – from winning for four questions.  Then Number 16.  We now know we have won but, as per the rules, will it be just us or will we share the prize?

No, just us.  Us2Together.  (that was our team name).  Got a bottle of sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay by Hardys.  Yummy stuff.

Then a buffet.  Bit minimal, but we have already eaten, so that's OK. 

Second round.  Doing crap.  Guessing a lot, arguing over a few.  Handed in sheet.  Doing OK when "Line" shouts – Husband and Bouncing Boy.  Way to go.  So the three of us walk away with 75% of the prizes.  Not bad. 

Only got one left now. 

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