Gig List 1 – Blues Show at the Bath & Wells Showground

Blues Show at the Bath & Wells Showground

This was my first ever Festival (not counting the many gigs I went to in pubs to see bands who were, generally, crap!).  I ran away from school to go.

Featured artists included Led Zeppelin (who I did not like much), Jefferson Airplane (don’t remember them playing), Moody Blues, Santana, Dr. John (amazingly, he turned up!), Country Joe and Hot Tuna.

I remember Zappa well – he was supposed to play late, but played mid-afternoon which meant a lot of people who wanted to see him, later, made a heap of fuss.  In my memory this became the first ever Glastonbury, but checking realise it must have been this concert.  Sigh.


Some oldies but goodies that I may have heard that day…


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