My Weekend – The Beginning…

This is fluffy white dog is Oscar, who is staying with me this weekend.  He is a rescue dog Kay is fostering.  She is going to the Discover Dogs event at Earls Court over this weekend so, rather than travel into London from High Wycombe, she is travelling from here and sleeping over both nights. 

She is taking Mitchell with her as he is a trainee Hearing Dog for Deaf People, the charity she supports and works for, but Oscar is staying with me. 

Oscar is very cute and has very winning ways.  If I say Husband said he would keep Oscar if he wasn't deaf, you might not understand just how winning – but it was always said if I wanted a divorce I just needed to get a dog – so him actually liking Oscar was a very good thing.  Except he has a home to go to.  He just hasn't gone there yet!

So Friday night Kay arrived with three dogs – Oscar, Mitchell & Trevor.  Trevor has gone to BF's to be with Amy, BF's daughter – he went football training on Saturday, and will be going to the stables and hanging round with the horses on Sunday, so he has a full calendar for the weekend. 

We drank a bit.  Well, we drank a lot.  We chatted and drank and chatted some more.  We watched music vids on my computer, searched YouTube, Yahoo and Google for more and watched them.  We drank some more.

We drank enough, and wine rather than beer, that Husband was wobbly on his feet and had to go to bed early.  An unusual occurence from a man who can drink more Guinness and remain upright than any person I know! 

So he went upstairs and I stayed downstairs to finish the bottle with Kay before calling it a night – or a morning, rather – must have been nearly two.  Not late, as such, except when you have to get up the next morning, early, and take a dog for a walk, splitting head or not. 

Ho hum.

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