Time for New Socks?

Honestly now, do you think it's time I bought Husband new socks, and not wait for Christmas?

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5 Responses to Time for New Socks?

  1. The Last Key says:

    Tell your husband he's bot another 500 miles or so left on those hose. Just try extra hard to keep the toenails clipped and sanded and he's got a great chance of taking them past Christmas. Especially if they are his favorite socks.I think I speak for all of us here at Vox in thanking you for not taking a snapshot of his old underwear. I know that the light transmission on mine can be rather high before buying new ones. Sorry, it's a guy thing.

  2. Bookmole says:

    Wonder why everything is getting posted twice!On Husband's last diving trip, he was ribbed a lot about his trunks being a liitle threadbare. It was when someone said "Look – you could park a bike there!" that he took the hint and bought new ones. For once I did not have to nag. Or buy them myself.

  3. Lizzie says:

    J has just this week worn out her favourite pair of monkey socks – they looked incredibly similar at the toes as your hubby's do the last time she got to put them on.
    I suggest
    a) Make him keep wearing them even when the toes go through – after all, a bit of air between the toes is supposed to be good for you
    b) Cut the ends of the fingers (and thumb, of course) off an old pair of marigolds and make him slip those over his tootsies.
    c) Evil option – buy him some natural tan pop socks to wear under his socks – double reinforced gusset foot bits – perfect
    Whatever you do – don't buy socks yet – after all, you wouldn't want to ruin his Christmas surprise.

  4. Bookmole says:

    Option C sounds good to me. Gonna go with that one.

  5. M says:

    Don't you put your socks and underwear on teams? I mean, you have 1st string (stuff only your most intimate person would see), 2nd string (in case you're in an accident, 2nd string have to be clean but don't have to be perfect), and 3rd string (to be used only at home, alone, and with no chance of visitors). And then you have the Special teams, and well, you can just use your imagination on that one. Finally, nothing gets thrown out — it just dissolves in the washer one day and you can't find it.

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