I’m Going To See Faithless!!!

On March 8th, 2007.  Standing.  Wembley Arena.  Me & Kay – bopping like 30 year olds – jumping, hands in air, singing loudly and surrounded by thousands doing the same thing.

Damn, that’s a long wait.

So here’s a track for any Faithless lovers out there.


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8 Responses to I’m Going To See Faithless!!!

  1. Have seen them twice at Nottingham Arena!! Got to be one of the best live bands of recent times!

  2. Bookmole says:

    Tickets go on sale tomorrow to the general public – I got them cos Kay is registered on their fan base. The last time I saw them was a much smaller venue than Wembley, they opened with Insomnia and I remember thinking Well how they gonna follow that – they sure did, they played a blinder of a set. Four months, though – four whole months! But I am so going to have fun that day.

  3. As I see! My favourite song from Nottingham the last time was We Come 1. Have you heard much of the upcoming CD yet?

  4. Bookmole says:

    I think the best they did at Brixton was Salva Mea. My skin prickled – just the sound of the all those people singing Just below my skin, I'm screaming Help Me – indescribable.Haven't heard much, only Bombs – which I bought from the site, but it won't play on iTunes. Bloody WMA protected files. so I am resigned to just playing the video or streaming from myspace and waiting, impatiently I might add, for the album release on 27th November. In all the best stores – and that had better include HMV.

  5. LeendaDLL says:

    Will have to check them out some more. I'm happy for you – you sound so excited about the show! If I still had birthdays, the day you're going would be it – so have some extra fun for me!

  6. Bookmole says:

    In that case I shall have a large drink on your behalf (before I do the jumping up and down – can't spill a drink!) and take a pic just for you.

  7. fiddlesticks says:

    ahh man!! i hadn't read your blog in a while (loads a work. i'm doing
    it! be proud). i can't believe i missed this! they're doing a show in
    brighton too, i would have not eaten for a week to afford that! (good
    to see i've got my priorities straight eh?). man, i literally last
    looked at it just hours before this post… damn. well, mum, i guess i
    grudgingly wish you an awesome time x

  8. jodipodi says:

    I would LOVE to see Faithless so so so so MUCH.
    Salva Mea is just effing amazing, I can't imagine what they would be like live. They are on Radio One Live Lounge today and I missed it. 😦

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