How Do You Find Yours?

Why are people so snobbish about music?  Why does it matter where you find the music you love, that moves you or pleases you?

Until The Morning – this was in an advert for a Lexus (not sure about the make, actually, but definitely a car ad).  I kept hearing it and thinking “Surely that’s not Björk”.  So I found a site that told you what music was in what advert and lo and behold – Emiliana Torrini – half Italian, half Icelandic (see, Björk-ish.  Perhaps all Icelandic people have amazing voices!).

So now I knew who to look for and found this amazing cover of White Rabbit – almost, no, better than the original.  Just.

And how about Rilo Kiley – found out about them cos Jenny Lewis was fugged and I had nothing better to do than find a site (now defunct) where I listened to their stuff, downloaded some, bought some more – spent a happy holiday in Holland with More Adventurous playing on my iPod.

Untouchable Face – One day iTunes hiccupped and whoa – Daughter’s music.  So I was getting rid of stuff, but hit play on this one.  Still not a great Ani di Franco fan, but this song just rocks.

And Evanescence?  I was humming Bring Me To Life and My Immortal long before everyone else (UK only – don’t know how long it took elsewhere in the world but it was six months or so here before Bring Me To Life was released here).

Just love music, find it, buy it, and most of all share it!

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One Response to How Do You Find Yours?

  1. Vesper says:

    Wow, that's like an orgy of songs! My sister is kind of a music snob. She's kind of critical of my taste (which is no taste), but she is a professional classical pianist so go figure.

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