QotD: Well, I’d Never!

What did you think you would never ever do… but did?
Submitted by Murky.

Many many things – I think by the time you reach 50, that is a given.

  1. Give up smoking – free from that addiction for three years and rising.  Strangely, I still dream about smoking, but always with a “My god – why is this fag in my hand AARRGGHH” as I throw it away.
  2. Eat oysters – Husband took me to Loch Fyne in Bath for a meal.  Excellent seafood there.  He had the platter (to himself) which came with oysters.  I ate about three of them – that was all he would let me have of the 12 he had on his plate.
  3. Find someone to love for more that six months – we’re up to 21 years and counting on that one.
  4. Re 3 – get married.  Never thought that was gonna happen to me.  Perhaps that’s why I kept my maiden name…
  5. Get a Dog – that’s gonna happen soon.

And probably more that I am not willing to share.  My daughter reads this lol!



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4 Responses to QotD: Well, I’d Never!

  1. Ben Martini says:

    Looks like we must have quit smoking around the same time. It'll be 4 years New Years. (Not that it was a resolution. I was sick with a chest infection, and couldn't smoke. Four days later, I realized I didn't want to smoke anymore.) Never thought it would happen. Now if I could just get off of meth. : )

  2. I think the kids get us to do these blogs to find out our secrets.
    I know we have a little game. My daughter keeps the small bags of chips and gives me one each night IF I update the blog. I actually play along with this game as I would eat the full 12 pack in one night.
    I turn 63 next Saturday. How the years have flown past. I was retired but now work casually for my local Meals on Wheels. I open up the office 3 days a week and set up the deliveries for the day. I find it therapy and the pocket money also helps.

  3. Bookmole says:

    Yes – I really don't think secrets about my sex life are ones I want to share with my 19 year old, just finding herself, daughter. Traumatised for life. It's bad enough that Husband and I kiss and hug, and appear to enjoy it. Too much. But I am guessing (hoping!) they will appreciate it somewhere along the line.

  4. She Blogs! says:

    I really want to have a york terrier myself, but still have to save some money. It's very expensive here :)Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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