Vox Hunt: Man, That’s Steep

Show us something steep.

A bottle of whiskey for £1,698.90 seems a bit steep to me! 

And no, I never managed to buy one  This is the 1998 catalogue too, so it will be more expensive now.  This company are still in business – they buy up whiskey from small distilleries and store it in oak casks to let it mature.  That's why it's so pricey.  And gorgeous. 

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I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

2 Responses to Vox Hunt: Man, That’s Steep

  1. Tasha_Tuk says:

    good choice 🙂
    I like seeing how everyone interprets the questions.

  2. RiPSpinner says:

    Think thats bad a 0.75l bottle of Chezk Absinthe is $200.

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