Song of the Day – Missing by Everything But The Girl

For Angelo.  May he rest in peace.  This was his favourite song.  When Middle Son used to go fishing with him, he would hear this song at least once.  Husband was Best Man at his wedding to Tina.  Youngest was their Page Boy.

Angelo died on 8th June 2003, aged just 36.  If any death can be said to be unfortunate, his would qualify.  He suffered from epilepsy, controlled by drugs, but was the sort of epileptic who never knew he was going to fit.  He could not live his live wrapped in cotton wool – he would have been unable to cook or walk downstair or anything if he dwelt on his disability and he was not that sort of guy.

So he liked fishing.  Used to take Middle Son with him to the river behind his house.  One day he was there, on his own, talking to Husband on the phone.

Gotta go, he said, I’ve got a fish on the line.

Last words he ever said – when he went to put the fish in the net, he fitted, fell into the river and drowned.

We miss him still, the daft bugger.  I dreamt about him last night, which is why I decided to put this track up, for him.  He would not have heard this mix – you probably won’t have either.  It comes on the single, which I bought second-hand.  I would have loved to share it with him, so (as I have read The Lovely Bones and want heaven to be just like that!)

Angelo – This is for you, you daft old bugger.


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  1. In it something is. Thanks for an explanation, I too consider, that the easier the better ?

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