Why My Life Sucks or Take an iTunes Survey

Saw this and thought I would do the test.  But it took so long (for reasons you will see later) that I thought I would post it on my own blog – let Daughter laugh at it, at least!

And the emboldening, seemingly at random throughout the post, is random.  It is Friday.  We have had a few drinks.  I can’t work it out. (Edit – I think I fixed it. In 2010. It took me that long!)

How many total songs?

Sort by Song Title. What’s the first song?
97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem

Sort by Song Title. What’s the last song?
Zulu Nation by BK

Sort by Time. What’s the shortest song?
Paul by Eminem – 15 seconds

Sort by Time. What’s the longest song?
Ministry of Sound Session (09.07.2002) – Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten – 1hr 51mins 59secs (I love the 59 seconds!)

Sort by album. What’s the first song?
Crazy (Stop Remix) from (You Drive Me) Crazy – Britney Spears

Sort by album. What’s the last song?
Red Red Wine – UB40 with Chrissie Hynde

Sort by Play Count. What are the top ten songs?
Girl Next Door – Saving Jane – 24
Hole In The Head, Finally – Ce Ce Peniston Vs. The Sugarbabes – 21
Misfit – Amy Studt – 18
Tracking Treasure Down – Gabriel & Dresden Feat Molly Bancroft – 15
American Dream (Different Gear Remix) – Jakatta – 15
Work It Out With A Foxy Lady – Beyonce Vs. Hendrix – 14
Can’t Hold Us Down – Christina – 14
Holding On – Ferry Corsten
Country Girl – Primal Scream – 14 (but by the time I get to the end of this list, it will be 15, cos I just put in on Play Next in Party Shuffle.
Not That Kind – Anastacia

Sort by Last Played. What are the top 10 songs?
Stupid Girls – Pink
Aint No Other Man – Christina
Family Portrait – Pink
Familiar Feeling – Moloko
A Girl Like You – Edwyn Collins
Number One – Goldfrapp
Love At First Sight (Remix) – Kylie
Graceland – Paul Simon
Truly (Infusion Remix) – Delerium
Shipbuilding – Elvis Costello

Search for “Sex”.  How many and what?
I’m not listing them – there are 70 bloody items!  I have Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll – Best Of Ian Dury for one thing, that’s 18 items for a start, and an album called Sex on the Beach.  And one called Porn House – the Best of Sex.  That covers my interests, ok.

Search for “Love”.  How many and what?
I just freaked, cos I searched for Love and it came up with 2 items – and one of them was We All Love Sex by Hed Kandi and I thought – hey WTF!  That can’t be right!

So I did it again, and got 455 items (phew).  I do want Love more than Sex.  Honest.

Ok, I did not see this item in it’s right place, which was between Sex and Love.  But I think Sex, Love, Death is a better order. Possibly even Love, Sex, Death.  Maybe.

Search for “Death”.  How many and what?
33 items, including the album The Chronicles of Life and Death by Good Charlotte.  So you can tell that “I am not a Goth” is a true statement.

And that’s it.

I did this post to keep me occupied while Husband is at the hospital with Youngest, who went out with friends and got so drunk that he has to be monitored. He is 15 and a half.  He is a bit of a worry, yes.  I do love him, yes.

Oh the joys of being a mother.

Husband had too much too drink to drive the car so had to get taxis to and (hopefully at some time soon!) from various places to various places..

Oh the joys of being a father!

And I really couldn’t say that any of these songs could, in any way, be called My Favourite – I mean, 9,255 – how could I pick just one!?


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