Vox Hunt: High Art or Not, I Know What I Like

This is some of what I have in my house
Created by Daughter
Loved by Me

This is where some of them hang.

This was done for us as a Christmas present about three years ago.  It is based on two photographs – one from our wedding day (yes, I got married in black and red – I was 7.5 months pregnant so white didn't seeem appropriate!) and the beach on which Husband first told me "I love you". 

Daughter did this as a birthday card for Husband.  A rush job, but I liked it so much I framed it.  The theme of underwater life is one Daughter has used a lot for Husband since he took up scuba.

This was done at school.  Clean lines and colour.  Very smooth.

Done for my 51st birthday.  This is a picture from before I met Husband.  Curly permed hair.  Daughter liked the way I looked in the photo, so painted it for me – and, knowing Daughter, decided to do it the night before my birthday and painted it then and there.

This is a miraculous undying piece of toast.  Daughter did a video for her media studies based on the song "Yeah Toast".  At one point, this fellow was dancing around the lawn.  We kept it, thinking it would not last.  Two years on, and going strong.

Before you ask, there is no secret to toasting perfection.

One of her early pieces.

Art can even be worn.  This is the original art for a tee shirt given to Husband at Christmas.,
A tribute to his diving and greatly appreciated by all.

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