What I Have Learned From Watching Crows

Crow 1Crow 2Crow 3Crow 4

  • The lawn needs cutting
  • Crows bury food for later.  And they come and get it later, too
  • Crows have a sense of playfulness.  I have seen a crow sit on the fence, watching while a flock of smaller birds are eating the food I have put out, then fly to the fence on the other side of the garden, small birds fly away.  Small birds regroup and start eating the food again.  Repeat until the food is gone or the small birds don't come back.
  • Crows like potatoes.
  • Specially chipped potatoes.
  • But they like curry best of all.  Specially take-away curry which they take away as fast as possible.  This can result in mid-flight crow fights and mobbing on the lawn.
  • A crow can carry a whole slice of bread away.  Even the crust from the end of the loaf.  Even when this is very thick. 
  • They mob cats when their young are around – which, when you have just moved in and the bravest bird your cat has ever seen before is a pigeon, can be very scary for the cat.  She didn't go out for days after that episode.

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One Response to What I Have Learned From Watching Crows

  1. hypostatic says:

    Hahahaha! Crows seem entertaining! I like to caw at them when I see them, but they blithely ignore me.

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