Mystery Objects The Sequel

The Santa Detector rings when Santa fills your stocking with toys and sweets – biting the hand that gifts you is not necessarily a good  idea.

The Bladder Bra lets you discreetly sip at drinks – only red wine or scotch would work, methinks, being the only things that taste OK at body temperature.  Well, blood, but I am not a vampire – and don't they want it fresh?

And finally, the one that still make Husband snigger – the Toilet Snorker.  Insert into the air below the trap and breath – to keep you safe in a fire.  So the last thing you breath before your arse becomes toast is sewage gas. 

Hmm.  Not sure about that!

And I think the closest was kdrexel, who got number two.  No prizes – you live just that bit too far away! 

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7 Responses to Mystery Objects The Sequel

  1. Ben Martini says:

    I am apalled by the Santa Detector.

  2. Bookmole says:

    Thing was, on the show they clearly said there WAS NO SANTA! How could they say such a hurful thing – don't we we all still believe in Father Christmas?Gotta say Vox's formatting for photo layout isn't easy to master. Would help if they had a damn cursor on the Compose screen.

  3. Ben Martini says:

    I was only apalled by the Santa Detector because there was no way I could ever have guessed it. I'm a very sore loser. But now that I know there was no prize involved, the pain of my defeat is lessened. Somewhat.

  4. Michael says:

    Terrifyingly, I did consider the idea of a "toilet snorkel" when thinking of possible uses, but dismissed it because honestly, how much breathable air could be trapped in there? One, maybe two, lungfuls? I suppose by the time you get to Patent No. 4,320,756, most of the reasonable ideas have been taken.

  5. Bookmole says:

    The water in the toilet bowl does not, I think, go all the way down to the sewers – gravity will see to that. The only water is in the bend – at least, it looks like that when I went to look at this toilet plumbing diagram. You should have trusted your instincts a little more!

  6. Michael says:

    Actually, that link was pretty helpful – easily the biggest learning experience of the day, and learning is always good. That said, I did realize that it wasn't water all the way down. What concerned me more about the amount of usable air was sewer gas. Still you are completely correct about trusting my instincts – it's just that they have this unfortunate tendency to be wrong a lot.

  7. Budd says:

    These were funny.

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