Identify The Mystery Objects

Here are three Mystery Objects.  I watched QI last night (for non-UK voxers, that is a program called Q(uite) I(nteresting) which aims to ask very obscure questions of a celebrity panel who are noted for their comic genius or general quickness of wit and make you wet yourself with laughter).

These are genuine Patents, courtesy of the US Patent Office, and I ask you to try and guess what they are.  I took pics off the screen, so apologies for the picture quality! 

I will post the answer pics tomorrow sometime. 

And, please, if you watched QI on Saturday night, Don't Just Come Out With ALL THE RIGHT ANSWERS – We will all know and we will not like you.  Smartypants.  OK?

Good Luck!

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9 Responses to Identify The Mystery Objects

  1. Ben Martini says:

    Boy that's tough. I think the first one is a Xmas stocking with a secret compartment for people who have nosey children. The second one looks like a bra that helps to even out women with lopsided breasts. The third one (???!!!) uh, might be a device for loosening clogged bathroom pipes by blowing into a tube? What do I win?

  2. Bookmole says:

    Wrong. All wrong. But good.

  3. AgentGabs says:

    first one..i have no ideasecond it one of those blow up bra that they sell roommate has one and its soo funny seeing her in the morning blowing up her bra (though her's has a pump)third one..i dont think i want to know ::laughs::

  4. Bookmole says:

    Sorry, AgentGabs, you've got the wrong answers too. Don't take it too hard, though – those celebs I mentioned didn't guess them either – not even the guy who ended up with 20 points at the end. And that's good – the loser ended up with minus 24!

  5. Ben Martini says:

    Who were the celebs?

  6. kdrexel says:

    First one… an alarm for would-be stocking stealers. Lights, switch, alarm.
    Second… bra flask. Smuggle booze on your boobs.
    Third, is odd. If that is a tube, it only makes sense the man is blowing into it. No way you'd be sucking anything out of a toilet. The end must terminate in a compartment, and the air must displace the water to achieve some end. If not to unclog the toilet, I don't know.

  7. Bookmole says:

    Stephen Fry hosts the show. He is very clever, openly homosexual and bipolar. Has just done a documenrtary about his experiences with this disease / disorder which was both insightful and movingAlan Davis – he's a shaggy curyly-haired comedian and very funny. Made out to be the thicky. He's the regularClive Anderson – ex lawyer, or barrister, or some such legal thing. Very clever. Used to host a great talk show very originally called "Clive Anderson Talks Back!Vic Reeves – part of Reeves and Mortimer, did that remake of Randall & Hopkirk Deceased with Tom Baker – though this might mean nothing to you.And I cannot remember the name of the other celeb – a comedian – he is fuuny, I like him a lot, I have just been to the QI webpage and that didn't help. He was a Grumpy Old Man recently. Sitting outside a pub complaining about mobile / cell phones when his rang. Very good. Damn. Sorry!

  8. Michael says:

    Hmmm. #1: Stocking/Talking-doll hybrid? Pull the string in the toe and a speaker in the heel plays a holiday message while the lights up top flash?#2: Modesty device for breastfeeding mothers so they can feed their little ones in public?#3: God I hope he's blowing into that tube! Maybe a way to deliver some sort of clog-fighting liquid directly to the clog by bypassing all the backed up water?

  9. Ben Martini says:

    Interesting. I'm familiar with everybody except for Reeves and Mortimer. But since you mentioned them along with Tom Baker, I'll have to investigate. I had no idea that Fry was bi-polar. Wild. (or, Wilde, heh heh. Sorry.)

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