Weekend Plans – See Daughter at Uni

Went to see Daughter at the weekend.  Took some clothes that were still in the wash when she left two weeks ago.  Gosh – it really is only two weeks ago!  Also grabbed some food to take, which was good as she had none – getting an internet delivery today.

She's at Sussex, in East Slopes Residences.  See pic – and, yes, it really is that steep – I was not holding the camera at some weird angle!

Good to see two weeks of Uni have not changed her.  More clothes to be seen on the floor than carpet and a desk you can't see!  And she said she had tidied up!  Love you, Daughter, love you very much XXXX

And the kitchen is not much better!  To be fair, not all her mess.

Student Kitchen - 1Student Kitchen - 2Student Kitchen - 3

Nice views though.  And her Blocks (where she goes for her lectures) are close to the Residences.  She certainly is gonna be fit when she leaves here.

Some views of (very nice) Brighton, just a 2 mile walk away – or a bus ride.  And there is at least one bus every half an hour, and they run all night – so not matter what the night throws at you, as long as you can still walk, you can get home.

Brighton - 1Brighton - 2Brighton Pier - 1Brighton Pier - 2

Looking forward to any excuse to visit – go away for the weekend to the seaside…  even in winter, which is something to look forward to.  But one thing you can't look forward to is a long walk on sandy Brighton Beach! 

She has chosen a lovely place to live for the next three years, that's for sure.  But not a cheap place either.  She certainly seems to like it there. 

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