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This is the second novel by this mother & daughter writing team.  Enjoyed it muchly, but am still putting on eBay before taking to the boot sale.  Recommended. 8/10

When elderly Morey Gilbert is found, lying dead in the grass by his wife, Lily, it’s a tragedy, but it shouldn’t have been a shock – old people die. But when she finds a bullet hole in his skull, the blood washed away by heavy rain, sadness turns to fear. It looks like an execution

Soon a whole city is fearful as new victims are found, killed with the same cold precision. All elderly. All apparently blameless.

Detectives Magozzi and Rolseth, race to uncover a connection and their best hope of doing so may be Grace McBride, beautiful, damaged survivor of an earlier killing spree. And the answers, it seems, are buried in a terrible past.

Ken Macleod – Learning the World – Excellent and Highly Recommended – nearly as good a novel of first contact as Niven’s The Moat round Murcheson’s Eye.  Would be keeping it if I had not got it from the library. Recommended.  9.5/10

Synopsis from Amazon
The great sunliner ‘But the Sky, My Lady! The Sky!’ is nearing the end of a four-hundred-year journey. A ship-born generation is tens e with expectation for the new system that is to be their home. Expecting to find nothing more complex than bacteria and algae, the detection of electronic signals from one of the planets comes as a shock. In millennia of slow expansion, humanity has never encountered aliens, and yet these new signals cannot be ignored. They suspect a fast robot probe has overtaken them, and send probes of their own to investigate.

On a world called Ground, whose inhabitants are struggling into the age of radio, petroleum and powered flight, a young astronomer searching for distant planets detects an anomaly that he presumes must be a comet. His friend, a brilliant foreign physicist, calculates the orbit, only to discover an anomaly of his own. The comet is slowing down …

Jon Williams – Praxis and The Sundering. Gave up on these.  The first two books in a series, god help us all there are going to be more of them…

If I wanted to read a book that felt as though it was written in the 1950s I would read something written then.  These feel clunky and old-fashioned, with the only part of the plot that seems realistic is the space travelling section.

I could cope with the hero being scorned for coming from the provinces and the heroine having stolen her identity, but when Hero asks Heroine to marry him, then marries someone else within TWO DAYS and all because she asked for time to thing about it… well, my flabber was so ghasted I just gave up in disgust and would advise you to give these novels a very wide berth.

This must be the hardback or American paperback version, mine’s different.  However…

Tess Gerritsen usually turns out well-crafted, page-turning crime or medical thrillers and I have read them all with enjoyment.  This is a novel of spycraft and reads somewhat like a cross between John le Carre and Barbara Cartland.  Not my cup of tea, I think I got through about 20 pages before I gave up.  A book for eBay for sure!  Not recommended – 2/10

Just realised this is co-authored – maybe riding the Gerritsen name now she is famous? Has that feel.


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