QotD: The Day I Met My BFF(s)

How did you meet your best friend(s)?

I met them both at the Baby Clinic. 

I met Best Friend when I first moved to Harrow with one child of fourteen months old and twins of three weeks old, one Husband and two cats.  Thank god for baby clinics!  It met every Thursday morning, and it wasn't until I had been going for about a month that anyone realised I had twins – one of them was always asleep when I got there, and didnt wake till id left.  Thank god for twin prams too – I had a baby at each end, and a pram seat across the middle for Daughter to sit on.  With the hoods up, it was cosy and warm and (mostly) dry in there.

Then Best Friend got a job and we sort of lost touch.

I met K when Youngest Son was four weeks old, and her Youngest Daughter was six weeks old, at the same baby clinic.  I just clicked with K as soon as I met her. 

Then, when Youngest Son was about 2 years old, I saw Best Friend in the school playground.  And, glad to say, the three of us have been best friends ever since.  We have holidayed together, cooked together and done pretty much everything together.

One year we went to the Isle of Wight on a camping trip, with Husband being the only man there for the first week.  We were a party of one man, three women and eight children pretty much everywhere we went, and  had tees with this picture on to wear. As usual, Husband didn't turn a hair – though quite a few other people did!

Would not change them for the whole world – we bitch together, complain about each other and support each other through breakdowns and crises and all the shit that life has so far thrown at us. We have seen each other's kids grow – now Daughter is at Uni and Best Friend's Daughter picked us up from the Pink Concert the other night.  Scary.  But good scary. 

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