Pink @ Wembley Arena 2006 – An Appreciation

Wembley has changed since the last time I went – which was to see Pink, strangely enough.  It’s the same when you come out of the station at Wembley Park with its school of Tout-Birds with their calls of We Buy, We Sell, Tickets for Pink.  No concert is complete without them.  It’s unchanged on the walk towards Wembley, past closed shops and food outlets, with hoarding advertising London 2012 (those are new).

It’s when you get to the entrance you realise how much London is doing itself up in response to, or maybe as part of the bid for, getting the 2012 Olympics.  The fountains are a dream – I love these flat-to-the-floor fountains that entertain but cannot drown small children or drunkards – with their lighting that changes constantly, in line with the pillars and the lit façade.  Rather nice to sit and watch while you finish your snacks!

Inside has been tarted up a bit too – gone are the bare concrete and sad toilets – its all clean and tidy now.  Full of concession stands selling (overpriced) food, drink and Pink tees.  I particularly like the people who wander round with barrels on their backs, full of ice and drinks, with a flag above their heads.  Pictures on my unavailable phone!

WembleyFoyerSeatingFilling Up The Arena

On the plan the red lines show the two video screens (without which no concert these days would be complete).  The stage had two tiers of steps with a smaller stage at the top – this smaller stage was were Pink appeared to sing U & Ur Hand.

Then to the seats.  We are Block N3, off to the side (almost as far to the side as you can get) and high up – nearly the top row.  Suits me – it makes a change to look down on the stage and the heaving Standing Room Only crowd down below.  The only time we couldn’t really see what was happening was during Fingers, which Pink sang, stripped down to a paste-on bikini, suspended above the stage in a net.  Probably very good – but she was lit from the side with a large blue light – the other side, damn it, which meant all you could see in our little bit of the arena was blue light / white afterimage.

Sit through the support act, who is not bad but also not good.  I always feel sorry for the support – only once in my life has someone I have been with gone to see the support rather than the main act.  No matter how good you are, you know that everyone is there to see someone else – someone who can fill an stadium that can hold 12,500+ people when you can’t.



Sat and watched the crowd for a bit – some fun was had by a beach-ball tossing event – it came down from above us, reached floor level and was being tossed back and forth.  Unfortunately, it keep being hit to the stewards (the ones between the stage and the Standing Room crowd) and eventually someone came along and confiscated it.  Ever heard 12,500 people boo?

Finally Pink came on – I knew cos of the roar.  Yes, I had decided that the pint of beer I had drunk really needed to come out BEFORE the concert started, rather than during.  Sitting there, reaching for the paper – ROAR!!!  Oh, shit – hurry up – ROAR!!!  I ran up the stairsand then realised a) I hadn’t kept track of exactly where I was sitting and b) it was pretty bloody dark.  Found the right staircase but couldn’t see the folks I was with.  Keep going till I reached a point where I thought Hold on – must have passed them. Sat on the stairs (damn, that’s the arse of my white trousers screwed), rootle through my handbag to find my ticket, find ticket, get phone, open phone and use the light to see my seat/row.  Aha, 34P.  Ask around Which row is this?  Row U. So down a few steps, Is this row P?  No, S. At which point someone takes pity on me and points to the gap where I should be, about three rows down.

What have you noticed about this bit of the story – yes, that’s right – my so-called friends, who knew I had gone to the loo, had even commented Should have sent her earlier!, didn’t even look out for my return.

But I made it back to my seat before Pink actually arrived on stage.

Pink is fit.  And FIT.  I have a sore throat, sore hands and sore feet, and it was so worth it.  This was a hard rocking gig – much stomping and singing along, clapping, shouting and rockingness – which my dictionary tells me isn’t a word – Oh Yes it IS.  *

People on stage – guitarist, keyboard player, drummer, two singers with big voice who I have called The Girls and lots of dancers.

The non-stop action started with Cuz I Can, followed by Trouble.  There was a quieter section in the middle, with Pink, her Guitarist and The Girls seated, having walked down the catwalk to Redemption Song by Marley and seated for Dear Mr President.  The Finale song was Get The Party Started with Pink and the dancers doing that swing-on-rope thing – tried to find a picture somewhere, anywhere, to explain tis better but just couldn’t.

Other songs (in no particular order!) – Who Knew, Just Like A Pill, I’m Not Dead, Family Portrait, 18-Wheeler, U & Ur Hand, Stupid Girls, Fingers, The One That Got Away and There You Go.  Plus a song the four of us knew, which was not a Pink song, and that we cannot, wrack our brains as we might, bring to the forefront of our brains.

And The Girls sang Lady Marmalade during one of the many costumes changes.

We clapped, we sang our hearts out, we bopped more that people with bad backs should even think about doing – and we had a whale of a time.  Pink does a Good Show – even if you only passingly like or know her music (as did one of our group) you will enjoy the energy that flows from the stage, the power and emotion of her voice and the athleticism with which she performs .

An oddity – one row down, and two seats over are a couple, slightly younger than me.  He knows all the words to all the songs, singing with gusto and lots of air punching and jumping.  His partner makes a lot of journeys for beer and what I’m guessing is Gin and Tonic (cos it comes in a glass and the sparkling water comes in a bottle).  Just the sort of guy who will hang on to the bitter end, demanding encore after encore, right?  No – in fact he leaves before the finale with that must get out before the crowd look about him.

Plus there were at least three people carried from the Standing Room, with lots of free water being given out by the stewards – it was very warm.  Up in the Gods as we were, there was almost a heat haze over the arena.  Thank god it’s non-smoking!

And, just in case you haven’t guessed – we had the most excellent time, thank you for asking.

* (Rockingness – that music which can make a 50 year old behave like a 25 year old – works for me!)

My absolute favorite track from I’m Not Dead.  It’s good to see hear that the protest song is not dead!




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One Response to Pink @ Wembley Arena 2006 – An Appreciation

  1. SweetMisery says:

    Holy flying fuck. Now how cool is that. So jealous. I went to a lot of concerts. Last one was Dylan in Portland, Oregon. Small theater. Killer baby. This song rules and this is the first I have heard of it. Fucking heart disease kept me to busy. Also saw Tina Turner on my birthday in 80's. Dobbie Brothers early 90's with back stage pass. woot.

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