Things My Children Have Said

You've got to keep your fingers off the prick – Daughter, aged 3.  No, we hadn't left a porn film in the video, she had just watched Sleeping Beauty.  Phew!

No, Mummy, oh shit – said by Daughter, age 3, when I had just spilled something and said "Oh, sh, sh, shugar!"

We've got spares – Youngest, aged about 14, about why his friend's parents were more restrictive about him than we are with Youngest – us having four children and friend being an only child.

Why is Mummy wearing my wellingtons? – said by Youngest to Nana & Grandand, looking at a photo of Husband & I on our wedding day.  Being 7.5 months pregnant, I decided to not wear white, so got married in a black and white suit with red hat and red stockings & shoes.

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One Response to Things My Children Have Said

  1. KT says:

    Haha!! TOO funny!!! My daughter (when she was about 5) once said, 'I need a little hooker right HERE!' (Pointing to the edge of the table because her bookbag kept sliding down) HAHA… Course my smart-assed (now ex (but not because of that I swear!)) said 'Oh, me TOO!!!' HA!

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