QotD: My Ambitious Wish List

What are 5 things you'd like to accomplish in the next 5 years?

  1. Help my children settle down somewhere else and then move to a house by the sea.  Husband can dive and I can become a beachcomber.  The important bit is the children somewhere else, though.
  2. Lose 35lb – I've lost 30 in the last year so not doing too bad.  I know that's a slow loss rate, but it should be easier to keep it off if I change my eating habits and up the exercise gradually.  Seems to be working.
  3. Get rid of 80% of the junk I own.  OK, not the dishwasher/fridge/washing machine sort of "junk", but books I am never going to read again, CDs I don't much like and have already ripped to iTunes and backed up, clothes I will never wear even if they do fit – you know what I mean, we all have this stuff.  I want to be minimalist again.
  4. See Faithless perform again – I don't know if I can count this, it's just really a hope that they don't split!  But they do the best live set I have ever come across – they are awesome and involving and intelligent and just the fucking greatest dance band ever bar non!
  5. Enrol in the Open University and do a degree.  No idea what, no idea when, but it's what I want to do.

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