Unexpected Pleasantness

Had a good time last night.   Started out unpromisingly though – had a flaming row with Husband over the stupidest thing.  We bought a clothes dryer on Sunday (as the tumble drier only heats up when it feels like it!) which I unpacked and used yesterday.

When Husband got home, just after I had a contretemps with Youngest and Eldest sons, he walked into the kitchen and told me it was upside down – “Mum had one of those, and she put it the other way up, so you get more room to hang things on it.”

I disagreed – the other way up looked wrong, felt wrong and would have interfered with the opening of our back door if it was upside down – “No, it’s not.  That’s the right way up.”

Well, there was an increasingly heated exchange, he stomped out of the kitchen, I threw something (unbreakable) across the room, then thought to look in the box the dryer came in – success!  Operating instructions.  I WAS RIGHT HA HA!  I mean, it would look really odd the other way up, right?


Wind slightly taken out of my sails when Husband went to the Argos website to check, and found a picture of dryer in use.


So we got over that one.

Then had tea – a veggie bean chilli, then had a few beers to chill while listening to Radio 4, which I listen to a lot via the BBC’s web site – you can listen to a program for a week after it has aired, which means you are freed from scheduling tyranny.

So we listened to Genius and The News Quiz, both of which are very funny.

Genius is hosted by Dave Gorman, and takes ideas submitted by the general public, and the celebrity guest decides which are really genius and which are just deranged and the winner gets a Cup.  Notable past genius ideas have included miniature elephants as house pets.  Could be a real boost for the pooper scooper market!  Or a device on your phone to stop you calling your ex after you have had a few too many drinks.  Extended on air to cover other drunken episodes – fit it to a cash point / ATM so it will only issue you with a voucher, printed with your name and address, entitling you to one cab home!

The News Quiz is, unsurprisingly perhaps, a quiz about the week’s news – not to be taken seriously.  Both are excellent and, should you wander to the BBC site, well worth a listen.

Genius – click the Listen to Latest Program link under the picture of Dave Gorman
The News Quiz – again, you have to find the Listen Again link – it’s above Sandi Toksvig somewhere!

Then got him to watch MY fave vids from You Tube.

Not earth shaking or anything – just very pleasing – usually Husband sits on his computer in his room and I am on my computer in another room – we are within ten feet and an open door of each other, but it’s nice to spend an evening in the same space!  And I am not gonna get into why he has His Room and I’ve got A Little Bit off The Kitchen / Dining Room…

Just one of the many I really like, and that’s not including the Scuba Diving ones.


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