QotD: An Unforgettable Home

What's the most memorable building you've lived in?
Submitted by Shelly.

About a year after Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin, I moved there, and lived in a house with only 2 rooms with ceilings, and a garage.  Me and Little-Dave lived there for six months, getting the best tan ever. 

The house had originally been built on stilts with enough room underneath for a room – hence the garage.  And hence the fact that the walls did not actually reach the ceilings – there was a 6" gap.  Not good when the termites swarmed – we had to leave the room with the door open and the lights off, and come back a good two hours later to sweep them up. 

Up the stairs was a bathroom with a functioning toilet, shower and bath – but the bath itself was on so little of the remaining floor, we never gave it a go! 

And when I say up the stairs, don't imagine a stairwell.  They did have one, once, but that side of the house had been torn off, so the stairs went their raggedy way up the outside of the building – and one or two of them were missing.  So, going to the toilet at night was a nightmare – upstairs had no electricity at all, and downstairs had none that lit the stairs, so if the battery was dead in the torch it really was time to dig a hole and bury the evidence.

We slept on a mattress (with sheets and stuff, we weren't that broke!) and owned a fridge and a cooker.  Other than that we had Odie the dog and not enough possessions to even fill our van when we left – we just put the mattress on the floor, some boxes up the side and headed on down to Alice.

Where I discovered what noise a camel makes.

But that's for another time.

I remember this house fondly – it was more of an adventure than a house and when things get tough I think "Well, you know, I have survived worse than this" and just get on.

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